Pink Sevres: Pretty and Pink. No Boys Allowed

Pretty and pink.
No boys allowed.
Think boudoir, vintage lingerie, underpinnings and all things feminine and girly.

  • Name:  Deco Crochet Bedjacket with Eiderdown trim

    Price: $425.00

    Charming hand crochet wool bed jacket form the 1930s. Unusual eiderdown trim and accents.
    Excellent condition.

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  • Name:  Edwardian Essex Crystal Rouge Pot

    Price: $0.00

    Charming essex crystal topped rouge jar from the art deco period. The rock crystal is reverse carved by hand from the back and then painstakingly "reverse" painted in layers to resemble an actual floral arrangement. There is a mother of pearl backing behind the carving to help it glow. This type of work requires an incredibly skilled craftsman. Ruby cabochon closure. Tiny yet charming table ornament.
    European 1930s.
    Excellent condition.

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  • Name:  Child’s Pink Leather Umbrella Purse

    Price: $225.00

    Figural childs purse of pink leather which expands with extension frame for candy and coins. Charming, 1950's USA.  Body 4", handle 4".

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  • Name:  Pale Coral Bead Protection Necklace, MWLC

    Price: $585.00

    Classic bead necklace with large 18mm hand knotted mother of pearl beads with pale coral lacquer. Signature MWLC "Eye" clasp has "your back" in any position. 
    The clasp is made with a vintage blue Taxidermy eye, and produced by hand in the Parisian studios of Mark Walsh Leslie Chin. 17.5". 

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  • Name:  Schiaparelli “Shocking” Surreal Heart Soaps

    Price: $375.00

    Mint and boxed Schiaparelli "Shocking" surreal heart soaps. Washing your hands with/of hearts.
    " I gave to pink, the nerve of the red, a neon pink, an unreal pink, Shocking Pink"

    Schiaparelli's pink was "an aggressive, brawling, warrior pink”
    Yves Saint Laurent:

    Elsa Schiaparelli's "Shocking" Pink was a color which derived from a 17.27 carat rose colored Cartier diamond known as the Tete de Belier, belonging to her friend and client, Daisy Fellowes.

    Shocking Pink was used for the eponymous perfume "Shocking", which was launched in 1937. The packaging was designed by artist Leonor Fini and the bottle was based on Mae West's curvaceous figure.

    Her first shoe-hat, designed for her autumn 1937 collection, had a Shocking Pink heel. Salvador Dali loved the color so much he used it for one of his own works, “an enormous stuffed bear with drawers in its stomach,” dyed in Shocking Pink.

    Her flagship store on Place Vendome was dubbed “La Zone Rose.”

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