Design Studio

Things that weve designed, made and reworked. Here we house the MWLC designs which are not part of our signature jewelry collection. One of kind pieces, reworked vintage and things weve messed with (hopefully for the better).
  • Name:  Snake Necklace with Rock Crystal Egg

    Price: $1,275.00

    Snake necklace assembled from disparate elements from different periods of time...1900's France, 1970's USA.  The snakes body forms the necklace and closes in on itself. To remove, unscrew the head piece. A large navette shaped rock crystal egg dangles from the snake's paste set head. Necklace total length 20". Egg 1.75" x 1.25".  Assemblage Leslie Chin.


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  • Name:  MWLC Sequin Dance Dress

    Price: $650.00

    MWLC Sequin dance dress with graffiti stole. We've taken the sequin patterns off of a 1920's flapper dress and remade it on a 1930's silhouette. In addition there is a stole with an obnoxious message that only shows when opened. Sequins are set on stretch tulle so there is some give. Slips over the head in one piece with slim bodice and full sweeping skirt. Available in Small or Medium. Small dimensions are: Length 52" total, to hip 25" , 28"-32" bust and waist with  hip 32"-34".  Medium sizing is slightly larger. New manufacture. Requires slip not included.

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